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Content writing

Creating persuasive documents or crafting informative blogs/training articles takes time. A precious resource that is often in short supply in many working environments. This is where I can help. With a thorough understanding of care and healthcare environments as well as the small business and charitable sector I can turn your ideas and aspirations into compelling and persuasive written material to assist you with your organisational goals.

Business consultancy

I will work closely with you and your team to identify your organisational goals and plans and create clear, well structured vision and strategy documents and business plans that support your brand. Building an internal culture that is fit for purpose and that supports the organisational goals is crucial for sustainable success. I will help you identify the key elements required and will assist with constructing plans and crafting the written message.

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Training material

Provide me with an outline of your training requirements and I will undertake the background research and produce the written content. These are some of the areas I cover: leadership training, team building, culture change, effective communication and strategies for achieving engaged workforces. Or, topic specific resources for frontline staff. Using a variety of styles and interactive techniques I create bespoke packages to suit your organisation and your people.


  • I have known Caroline for 20+ years. I have always respected her ability to write informative and researched material. When I decided to improve my website and include quality blogs and information sheets, Caroline was the obvious choice. She has written some impressive material for me, published on my website and which my Clients have found invaluable. I cannot recommend Caroline enough; she is a fantastic writer producing material which is professional and suitable for her target audience.

    Claire Ferrari

    ProRisk Care Consultancy Ltd
  • Over the years I have known Caroline, I have always been impressed by her ability to see the big picture and to explore new and better ways of doing things. She backs up her strategic thinking skills with a natural ability to translate the ambitions into practical action plans;  effectively communicating with and inspiring key stakeholders.

    Jonathan Warner

    Director of The Brand Inside
  • Caroline writes with passion and skill, producing work which was engaging, creative and relevant for the intended audience. She is able to produce exceptional communications and is an absolute joy to work with. I am happy to highly recommend Caroline. With her skill set, she is an asset for any business.

    Sarah Reed

    P&C Coordinator at Mind Tools


My business experience was forged over 25 years in leadership roles and as CEO in the not-for-profit and small business sectors. I was responsible for a group of organisations which are highly respected locally and nationally. As CEO of a Hospice Charity I was entrepreneurial in my approach and passionate about both organisational excellence and high quality patient services.

Together with a strong team we developed creative and innovative solutions to income generation and fund-raising; this combined with rigorous cost controls and careful budget management resulted in financial stability and growth throughout those years.

Of the portfolio of skills required for such roles, excellent communication, both written and verbal was paramount. I have always loved the written word and I love the challenge of crafting well written, compelling pieces that inspire, persuade and achieve results.

To this end I offer freelance writing services to the business, care and health sectors.

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My values

The personal touch is very important to me. All projects no matter how small will be treated with care, consideration and attention to detail. The creative synergy between writer and client is a journey. My commitment to my clients is to communicate and collaborate clearly and consistently throughout in order to achieve a quality end product.

Pricing estimates

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